Public utilities are the owner or operator of underground facilities for furnishing electric, gas, telephone, communications, pipeline, sewage, water, community television antenna, steam, traffic signal, fire signal or similar service, including a municipal or other public owner or operator. A public utility does not include the owner of facilities for utility service solely for such owner's private residence.


The most important first step! Always contact CBYD before work begins so underground utilities are located and marked. Smart, safe digging is no accident.

E-Ticket is a free service that allows you the convenience of applying for Call Before You Dig tickets online, without the aid of a Customer Service Representative. E-Ticket users enjoy these benefits:

CBYD supply the following reference guides to assist with use of the service.

Call Before You Dig, Inc. (CBYD) is a state regulated, non-profit organization comprised of all public utilities and municipalities in Connecticut. Public Act No. 87-71 and Section 16-345-3 of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies requires all owners and operators of underground utility facilities to register with the Call Before You Dig central clearinghouse.