With Aug. 11th almost here, Call Before You Dig, Inc. hopes this date, 8/11, will serve as a natural reminder for residents to call 811 prior to any digging project to have underground utility lines marked to avoid unintentionally hitting them. Call Before You Dig is a non-profit organization comprised of all public utility companies and municipalities within Connecticut overseen by PURA. CBYD is a free service that provides homeowners and professional excavators with a toll free call by dialing 8-1-1 for locating and marking underground facilities by its members, and calling CBYD before you dig is the law in CT.

Hamden, CT--March 20th, 2020. Call Before You Dig continues to process locate requests through both our call center and on the E-Ticket system. We encourage you to use our on-line services as E-Tickets can be created anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection, including on a smart phone and tablet. Click here for instructions on how to create a new online account. 

At the beginning of each year Call Before You Dig analyzes the data from the E-Ticket system as well as the incident reporting software, DamageAccess. The data collected enables us to highlight trends, identify usage patterns and recognize positive outcomes for Damage Prevention in the state. This information helps us to continually improve 811 education for utilities, contractors and anyone else digging around underground facilities. Read on for more details and 2019 takeaways.

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