Call Before You Dig is proud to work with Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport to once again provide sponsorship for the prairie dog habitat at the zoo.

Memo To:   All Call Before You Dig Utility Members
Date:  June 26, 2017
Subject:  New Locate Request Ticket Type

On August 1, 2017, Call Before You Dig (CBYD) will begin transmitting a new ticket “type.”

The following is a summary of the substantive changes to the regulations, broken down by the stakeholder group affected.  These are the changes where there is an actual change to the way things should be done, or areas where there is more clarifying language as to the expectations.  Attached to this document is the complete set of revisions to the regulations.  Please note that in the revised regulations attached, words in brackets are deleted, and words that are underlined are added.

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